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Formuepleje A/S (secondary name Absalon Capital) has CVR number 18 05 97 38 (VAT number) and is registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority with FSA-number 1704.

Executive management consists of Peter Kjærgaard and Henry Høeg. The board consists of Kirstine Damkjær (chairman), Jesper Lund, Daniel Albæk, Andreas Hommelhoff, Jesper Rangvid, Dorte Ransby, and Carsten With Thygesen. 

Formuepleje A/S is regulated and authorised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority to manage alternative investments funds (AIFM) and to carry out asset management under the AIFM Directive and according to the laws and regulations stated in the countries where the company performs its activities.

For further information, and to see a list of countries in which Formuepleje (secondary name Absalon Capital) has a license to operate, please refer to the Danish FSA's website.

Policy for best execution

The policy for best execution describes the procedures that Formuepleje A/S (secondary name Absalon Capital) follows in the transmission and execution of orders with financial instruments for our clients 

Policy for management of conflicts of interest

This Policy defines and outlines the guidelines for Formuepleje A/S (secondary name Absalon Capital) in relation to conflicts of interest.

Diversity policy

This Policy defines and sets out the Formuepleje Group’s guidelines for motivating sufficient diversity of qualifications and skills among members of the board of directors.

Remuneration policy

This Remuneration Policy defines and outlines the guidelines for the Formuepleje Group in relation to the remuneration of the board of directors, executive board and employees whose activities have a significant impact on the Group's risk profile or the risk profile of the managed alternative investment funds ("material risk-takers").

Policy for active ownership and voting rights

This Policy for Active Ownership and Voting Rights is applicable to Formuepleje A/S (secondary name Absalon Capital) and relates to the management of investment funds and alternative investment funds.

Policy for responsible investments and integrations of sustainability risks

The policy relates to the investment process itself in the context of management of Investment Funds and Discretionary Mandates. The policy covers all ESG issues, including sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

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Formuepleje A/S (secondary name Absalon Capital) is regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. In case our services do not live up to your expectations. you can send a complaint to:

Formuepleje A/S
Att.: Klageansvarlig Tuborg Havnevej 15
DK-2900 Hellerup

E-mail: klageansvarlig@formuepleje.dk